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Padvish Antivirus – Home Edition Padvish Antivirus – Home Edition


صفحه اصلی – پادویش – مرجع معرفی و فروش محصولات پادویش خانگی. یک آنتی ویروس خاص برای کاربران خاص. پشتیبانی سریع و حرفه ای – بروزرسانی های منظم. یک پیشنهاد منحصر به فرد با هسته پردازش حرفه ای با Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. سامانه پشتیبانی پادویش (سپاد) شرکت نرم افزاری امن پرداز شناسه کاربری. رمز عبور. Padvish is an antivirus produced by Amnpardaz Software Co/5(76).


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One of the many virus protection software solutions out there is Padvish Antivirus – Home Edition. The utility presents itself as being based on simplicity and, like all other, promises to keep. Padvish is an antivirus produced by Amnpardaz Software Co/5(76). پادویش (Padvish) یک آنتی ویروس و ضد باجگیر ایرانی قابل رقابت با ضدویروس­ های رایج است که تمام مراحل طراحی و پیاده­ سازی آن به دست تیم مجرب داخلی صورت گرفته است و قابلیت شناسایی و مقابله با بدافزارهای رایج را دارد.

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Padvish AntiVirus Android – پادویش

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آنتی ویروس پادویش، ضدویروس کاملا ایرانی – پادویش
Koolance ERM-3K4U water cooling system: 3 kW of heat is not a problem

Water cooling systems (WCO) are considered the lot of enthusiasts, but this does not mean that the problem of removing excess heat is only for lovers of silence and “overclocking masters”. In some cases, air cooling is not enough for server processors.

Koolance introduced the ERM-3K4U CBO designed for server racks. The case of the device is 4U high and is made of aluminum, if necessary, it can be installed vertically.

Five ERM-3K4U pumps are capable of removing up to 3000 W of heat from processors, up to 20 in total. Each pump pumps over 6 liters of water per minute, the heat exchanger is cooled by six 120mm fans. The presence of flow sensors at the pumps allows you to visually monitor the operation of the system, each pump can be turned on and off separately. It is also possible to set the temperature threshold in the tank, if exceeded, an alarm will sound.

In general, no one bothers to use the Koolance ERM-3K4U at home if you find a place for it and an extra $ 1,800. The price of water blocks and connecting pipes is, of course, not included here.

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